E.G's Barbershop offers a full range of services for men. They can perform a simple cut, or a more trendy design. They are fully capable of grooming just your beard or eyebrows or you can finally treat yourself and opt in for a Full Service and get hair, beard, and eyebrows finished with a hot towel. 


A man's hairstyle and/or beard is a reflection of the soul of a person. It is one of the first physical things that will be recognized when you first meet someone. E.G's Barbershop believes that it is important to maintain a fresh appearance but also be able to show the world a little about yourself. That is why E.G's Barbers pride themselves on their stylish and up-to-date hair cutting and styling techniques along with their ability to maintain and groom your beard and eyebrows. Hair is not JUST hair at E.G's Barbershop. It is a work of art and a reflection of the person who wears it.

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